Mid Afternoon Thoughts

Not much going on really. Emilee Cuddles is napping in my desk chair right now and I am still in my pajamas since last night. I did have someone from SHARE stop by this morning at 9 a.m. but she left within minutes of arrival leaving no more company since. I have been watching television and recorded programs all day long. I also ate lunch of brats and cheese. I just feel lazy today. Nothing much has happened really. No shower or bath yet but it is in the decision mode yet. I just want to be back in Arkansas visiting my parents and sister a little longer yet. I have to go for now. Matlock is back on (recorded) and I need to go watch it. Bye for now but not forever. I will be back shortly. I am thinking of ordering something for supper as well but not knowing what it is yet. Talk to you all later.

Author: ksmiley

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