My Early Evening Thoughts

I have some time here now. Decided on taking a bath and will be doing so shortly. Had supper of a calzone with hamburger, bacon, green olives, and cheese with ranch dressing and crushed red pepper. Strangely I had been hungry when I had ordered the calzone from our nearby Prime Time Pizza but when the delivery came and went I opened up the box and only ate a few bites of the first calzone. It tasted fine but I had lost my appetite almost completely for some reason between the time I had ordered the calzone and had it delivered. Summers do that to me a lot. I am still pretty full from eating one brat with cheese for lunch and a few bites of my favorite calzone. It does strike me to feeling odd not knowing why my appetite has been very little lately since the summer has come into play. Well, anyway I am heading to go take a bath right now so I will be back later before retiring to bed. Talk to you all later. Bye for now but not forever.

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