This Could Be a Long One :)

I slept late again! I did not get up until after 11 a.m. this morning and believe me I slept the morning away again. Someone had called me that woke me up at 11 a.m. No big deal really. KW called at 7 a.m. this morning to let me know that her neice Marosah wanted to talk to me and say hello. I did not even recognize Marisah’s voice at all. She sounded so grown up and beautiful. Marisah is five years old and a sweet girl. I had fallen back to sleep after the call and then the call around 11 a.m. I am glad the call came in but I was not too happy with the person who called. That is how I feel about HI every now and then. She deseperately needs friends. HI and I have had our very sticky situations and believe it or not I am still hurting over those sticky situations. Honestly, HI needs friends. She wants a man in her life and believe it or not she does not want the man in her life for the wonderful sex or anything. I just think she wants a man in her life for the wrong reason just to have a man in her life, and believe it or not, I used to feel that way. Leave the sex out though. Why am I even talking or mentioning the word sex in this diary? Boy oh boy! Sex is not one of my open subjects except among good friends and family members. When I was still living under the same roof as my dad and stepmother, and sister, I had asked my stepmother about safe sex and believe it or not it did not go very well so sex seems taboo in my life. Watching a roomatic scene in a movie really makes my eyes bulge with distaste and no excitement. That is what I think about sex. Anyway sex is for married couples and not before marriage sex. Eeek, sex! Why did I even continue talking about sex? YIKES! IT DOES NOT TURN ME ON! Married couples can go right ahead and have fun but behind closed doors and not talk about it as it is a personal experience and sex should be quiet and noot spread around. That is how I feel about it. I do know how babies are created and brought into this world so no one can fool me. Go ahead and laugh at me all you want, but that is how I feel about sex these days. Anyway I do not like to cuddle with a man often so that should give you a clue about something, right?

Thanks so much for letting me express my thoughts on a subject that seems taboo to me my dear diary friends. Please be rest assured that I am not pointing any wagging finger of disgust to any of you. I just wrote my feelings down and shared them as I had to write my thoughts down and openly to my friends. I really do not know why this certain subject has come into play really and have been written about at length but now I have said what I wanted to say and will leave it at that. I do feel a little emotional today and those emotions I am experiencing is a little anger and disgust and I wish I could tell you more but I just can’t. All I can say is a friend’s sister and daughter are in town for the next couple of days and in need of some help. The reason for their being in town and need of help is what really gets my blood to boil in such a stage of hotness I can not explain. I think the reason sex was talked about in length is because a lot of men and woman get together before marriage and have their wonderful fun that is not God’s liking and believe me it does make me wonder really if HI really wants a man in her life for that reason. She can not have children and she is a cancer survivior at this time and she has been divorced for a long time now. Her ex-husband is such a weird guy in a funny sort of way. I think I stated my reason. 😀

I can not wait until class starts this coming Tuesday. I have no idea why there is such a science class on nutrition when it does not relate to Accounting at all but it does go towards my credits for my degree at University of Phoenix online program. Only two more days before class begins! [email protected]!! I got an 85% for my final grade in Philosophy 251 and believe me it was a tough class. I do have to admit that it was a fun class though. Ran into some nice students online and the discussions were fantastic and wonderful. What got me the grade I received was hard work and the tests we took were difficult. I feel I am doing better at UOP than I have done at Blackhawk Technical College’s going to class kind of school – a traditional college.

I knew this one entry was going to be fairly long. I have to run for now and I will come back later this afternoon or early evening. I am still kind of tired from waking up so late today. Bye for now but not forever.

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  1. I am an open book when it comes to sex and anything else. I do feel that I can be honest with anyone about my sex life and anything else that is going on. That is one of the things I like about myself is the fact that I am very honest and open. I wish school could start for me this week. I don’t start until August 22; still a long way to go. Anyway, have a great week.


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