Enjoying My Weekend & Classes

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is doing fine. I am doing ok here. We are expectingstorms through to Wednesday but so far so good. We have had a coule of good storms this past week and the cable went out for a while, scaring me to death because of the fact that I thought lost the cable box my cable comes from and believe me, if that was ruined, I would have to have paid for a new one. The electricity did not go out, just the cable. The storm that day sounded like it hit the building!! The thunder was that loud. It was horrible. We have been having some rain for the past few days along with storms and that is driving me bananas as I am going to school online on a daoly basis. Even yesterday, while at church, we had thundr rumbling outdoors while we were in worship service and fellowship lunch. I was glad to get home and safe in my own place. The sky just looked horrible outdoors!

Today I just finished a couple of homework assignments and handed them in to class before tomorrow and believe me, I am taking the day off tomorrow, whether I like it or not. This weather can go somewhere else and believe me, it is driving me bananas.

School is going just fine. The weather makes it difficult to get some things done when I wish too but my homework gets done on time. I am havinga good weekend. The only thing about this weekend is the fact that I am a woman and I am dealing with a woman thing right now and I am a little bit moody and grumpy right now, lol.

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