I really enjoy my privacy here at home this weekend. In fact, I have gotten to the point in my life that if I am not expecting anyone coming over here without my knowledge first, then I will not answer my buzzer to let anyone in. That happened o me last night. I was busy getting some homework done for today and Monday and someone, whom I know, buzzed me to let me know she was here. She did not call me first to ask if she could or I wanted company and that really irritates me to no end when anyone in particular does that. My privacy is so important. I wish not to have a lot of company sometimes and this weekend was one of those weekends. Even going to church yesterday was a decision that was bouncing off in my head to go or not to go. That is one thing about being a woman every month I have to deal with. Coping with it is a whole different story for me no matter what. I am just glad to have my period though. Excuse me guys for grossing you out!

When someone comes over without calling me first, I feel and sense my privacy is being invaded and my senses go on the rampage to find the answer and of course I am moody and just plain grumpy because I want to do my things and not worry about other people and their worries. My privacy is so very important to me. I have my fifteen year old cat to talk to if things just get bad enough for me and my friends are not at home. God is such a fine friend to talk to as well.

The other day I was just beside myself because I have been told by someone that my attitude just scares them and I am scaring them. I have gotten to the point that my world can not just evolve around others and I can not be at someoene’s disposal. I have been feeling that if I am not at someone’s disposal, then that person thinks I have a problem and I am depressed. Good grief people, that is beginning to drive me nuts having someone ask me if I am depressed. I am a very busy woman and I can not be at one’s disposal every second. WPW!

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