A Quickie

I am not going to be on long here right now as a bath is in the plans in the next few minutes. This weekend has been relaxing and I slept until noon today or practically to noon anyway. My phone has kind of rang off the hook all day long. I had received a phone call from someone I wish would not call so much or try to come over here without asking first. I have my friends and my needs now and this very one person has not been a friend for a very long time. I consider this one person more of an acquaintance more than a friend. My phone does not know when to stop ringing, lol.

I really do not have a whole lot to write about today because of the fact that not a lot of things happened today. I am even surprised that I am on my computer at all right noow being a little after 8:30 p.m. I am just lazy as a couch potato! I did have company come over for a while. That person was my friend Linda. We chatted and watched television together and then she went home to do what she needed to do before she went to bed for the night.

I think I better go for now. Maybe, while I am bathing I will find more to write about but please don’t count on it since I am getting tired. Bye for now.

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