A Decision Has Been Made Here

A Sequel of Yesterday’s Entry

I have definitely vented last night and believe me, I have come to a major decision in my life that will change my life enough to notice the difference. Anyway, one of the thoughts I mentioned was how can I be friends with someone like the person who I mentioned in yesterday’s journal of thoughts. Well, I have decided to not be friends with this person anymore. I will not do things for her, with her, or be with her alone in order to avoid her for good. Yes, to give an update of what I talked about yesterday, I was hurt very badly by this person and I wish to not be friends with her. I do not care if she thinks that I can turn the love I have for others on and off. I know I do not turn my love on and off like a faucet, and God knows as well. Anyway, what happened the other night did make me feel like an idiot. This person I am speaking about, who will remain nameless in my eyes in my journal for good, and I were talking the other night and she was telling me this and that, and when it came to her listening to me, I was wrong. No wonder I am so mad at her for good. She thinks she is better than everyone else. I do not hate anyone but right now I do hate her with a passion and that she needs to get a life. This same person has practically cost me and two friendships, but myself and my two friends were mature enough to talk to each other and work things out no matter how mad we got with each other. This very person will not be a part of my life – personal or professional – any longer – even though she was never in my professional life. I need to take care of myself and walk away from any negativity and this person gives a lot of negative energy around me and all that is around her. I am walking away from this person for good, and that is my decision for good at this time.

I know that I ran in circles here but I had a little more to vent.

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