A World of Confusion at 2 a.m.

For the past five weeks now I have been having difficulties sleeping so my days and nights are slightly messed up. I do not think that my diet has changed drastically but it could have changed enough that my sleeping pattern is practically reversed. Anyway, here in my personal life, there has been a turn of events that have made me wonder what in the world is going on which has caused confusion in my world. My friend RC’s wife is back in the picture as well as moved back into the buildiing. RC really loves his wife very much that giving her a change again is a good thing but I am not sure of it at the moment as I have been wondering if there is something not so good is going to happen again hurting RC once again. I personally hope I am wrong about RC being hurt again believe me. I want RC to be very happy. When his wife left him, wanting a divorce several weeks ago, he was so terribly hurt and confused himself. I definitely want him and his wife to be happy, and I am glad that MC came back, but when it comes to those heart strings being tugged in a way that sends caution flags up, I can not ignore those warning flags at any given time. Have I been so worried and scared for RC and MC that my sleeping patterns practically reversed? I am surprised that I am still functioning at this hour clearly and precise. A world of confusion at 2 a.m. is still raging madly in my mind. What is going on? Am I even making any sense? Probably not! MC’s back!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. kaliko88 says:

    Hey! I know you’re terribly busy with school, but just wondering if things are still okay. Haven’t seen you in a while and miss you.

    Take care.


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