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This entry is going to be for my friends at Dear Diary at the moment. I am in need of advice or comment because of the fact that something is bothering me so badly that it has been a few days since the incident really happened but yet it is tugging at my heart. I feel I have been hurt by someone, a neighbor, a friend of mine so badly that my world seems to crumble into pieces when I even remember such a bad day as the one I had experienced a few days ago. Anyway, what happened a few days ago was the fact that I wanted to talk to a neighbor, that person a friend of mine about why she did not come to me in regards to my hearing the fact that this very person had left the room because me, and finding out that in the same conversation words were heard coming right out of this person’s mouth saying that my friend JS and I were always looking for trouble and that I opened up a can of worms and the fact that, a couple of days later, that my hanging up on this person was unacceptable and there are going to be reprecussions to me hanging up on this person and that it will not happen again, really proved to me that maybe something is wrong with my neighbor, the very person I consider a friend but now can not consider someone I can trust anymore. This happened last week and I feel very troubled over the matter and I feel I have prayed until I am blue in the face but knowing that all my prayers are heard no matter how silly they may seem at the moment of the prayer. Someone help me out by comment and advice please?

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