Another Fine Day @ a Close

Another fine day has come to a close for me. I went to church this morning with my two friends and we had a blast listening to the sermon today — at least I did, anyway. With my friend JS and her friend KW sitting together it is almost like two high school girls all over again goofy as ever. They are 23 and 24 and still act like teenagers. Sometimes it can be annoying but that’s ok because I am dear friends with JS and she is very mature around me most of the time. We get goofy too and I am 37 but when it comes to listening to the sermon Pastor T has for us, I really want to listen intently and carefully and not always have two giggly girls but they are my friends. I tell them both to knock it off when it gets too much and they usually listen or another member I got to know is very good about telling them to be quiet too.

Anyway, another day has come and pretty much gone and I will be retiring to be in a few minutes. I am tired and needing of sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow and get ready for my day anyway as we have a tenant meeting for all the pet owners of the building tomorrow afternoon and I need and want to be awake for that even though I wish not to attend but the meeting is also mandatory for all tenants unless the tenants who have pets have been excused under necessary and legitimate reasons. I do not have a legitimate reason so I will attend unless the manager talks to be before the meeting and I too have a excused absence. I also have two papers to finish up and post to class before 11:59 p.m. and so I will have to be rested up and geared to go on a moments notice without feeling like I am exhausted and a need to take a nap. I have one more week of class before my class is completely over and I have a two week break before my second class away from being done completely.

All is good today. JS and I got together after church this morning and I ended up falling asleep during the Green Bay Packer game and they won… GO PACKERS tonight. After my nap and JS left for the night, I got myself going as much as I could for the evening before retiring to bed again a few minutes. Another day to start tomorrow and I am going to BE AWAKE for the entire day! No naps, I hope!

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