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Sometimes I wonder why my friend JS has troubles with relationships and today I believe I figured it out. She likes to put her nose in business that does not belong to her and that is where she gets herself in trouble sometimes with some people. I feel JS copped an attitude while I was talking to the manager of our building about something very personal and instead of hearing it from the manager herself first, JS piped up asking “why?” when it was not geared to her at all. I was a little mad but not as mad as I was before 2 p.m. this afternoon when my surrogate mother had made a comment about a tenant who lives in the building who had threatened me a few months ago before our now former manager left and this new manager came in in the month of June. I was totally dumbfounded when in reality she was there when I tried reporting the situation but was told to wait and then I was told that it was too late when I took care of the situation supposedly even though there were witnesses who saw the situation and heard the words. I had forgotten all about it and now it feels like it has been rehashed, maybe not intentionally, but I want to give my neighbor who lives below me a chance even though now neither one of us speak to each other in passing or while we are in the same room even though we will speak to others around us. Anyway life does go on and I am going on with my life.

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