“The Weakest Link – Maynard

Honestly I do not spend a lot of time watching the GSN on cable but tonight I did while snuggling with Bing and cuddling with him that I did not want to interrupt his “Mommy” need. As I watched the game show network I watched Lingo and The Weakest Link, and on tonight’s airing of The Weakest Link, I practically wanted to throttle a contestant by the name of Maynard! I did not want to strangle him because of his name but because of the way he talked and treated the female contestants. I thought Maynard was downright rude and downright cruel that I hoped he would have been voted off because he may have been the weakest link or the fact that the other contestants thought of him as a jerk — exactly like I thought, too! Maynard was el’ creepo, one heck of a jerk! MEN! Unfortunately…Maynard won the game and I am so happy that he is going to take his money and splurge. To me he does not deserve that money. Maynard was a jerk and I wish that he never won the show! If Ann Johnson, if I remember her name correctly, was the host of the game show, I know that Maynard would not have survived her wrath! GET A LIFE MAYNARD! You are one big jerk who I believe thinks your God or something. You are not at all perfect or all that interesting. You are one heck of a jerk. If you were on American Idol, I believe that Simon Cowell’s word, “unforgettable” is the right word for you. You are definitely unforgettable!!

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