Been Thinking About It Since This Afternoon

I have been expressing my thoughts, feelings, and ramblings here for a long time and I do not intend of leaving this place because I have found a home here with other diarists. I have seen many diarists come and go here at DD and I have shared my most innermost thoughts in private with my DD friends who are on my friends list and who want to be notified of my journal entries. I am happy here and no one is going to drive me away. I know who my true friends are here where I live and if I do not feel comfortable with someone, like a friend of a friend of mine, that friend will be told about it. I am not going to allow anyone to walk all over me and believe they have control of me when in reality I need to have control over my own self. People who do not like to be dealt the truth, knowing that the truth hurts, I won’t sugar coat the truth if I know it will be help someone grow. I have dealt the truth to a friend of mine the other day and she did not like what I told her but how she handled it is not in my ball park anymore. I do not care for a friend of a friend of mine because of this person’s attitude but it does not mean that I will be mean to this person when around this person. I just do not care for a friend of a friend of mine and that’s that. When I do not like it when my neighbor JS shoots off her mouth because someone pissed her off, I always tell her that she needs to be careful with her words and watch her mouth more so she does not end up getting in trouble, and I do not know if my words are heard or if she is even listening, but then again I do tell her the truth and I do not sugar coat the truth. I give out nothing but the truth. If my thoughts, feelings, and ramblings go to a friend of mine, and they do not like what I have written, I will not lie to no one. If I know the truth, I know the truth. This is my place and my place alone, and if something bites me in the butt in the long run, my butt will be bitten. The truth hurts and I have been dealt the truth most of my life and I will definitely feel like crying or will cry, I will take the truth and analyze what was said to me and make sense of it in the long run. This is my world of writing, and I will not hide my feelings with no one, and if I want my most innermost thoughts and feelings private, no one will be able to read my journal written at the time. I am sick and tired of people walking all over me and that is not going to happen here anymore. If someone believes I have changed in the past month and a half, I believe they do not know me very well or know me like they once did. Yes, I have changed in the past month and a half. I do not put up with no one’s bull crap anymore and I believe that is the problem right now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. Is there a way you can block her from calling you? Or just send one message saying that you do not wish to communicate with her, and why. Or maybe she really counts on you as a friend and thinks you can be a good listener? I wish you luck in sorting this out.

  2. LilyBlack says:

    Thanks for your comment and your encouragement regarding my diary :). Really thanks a million!

    I’ve been taking a look at your last couple of entries. It sounds like the person you don’t want to talk to is somehow trying to make amends with you. It’s either that or she’s hell bent on driving you round the bend! I don’t know if you’ve ever considered asking her why she’s indulging in such persistent behaviour. Maybe that will give her the wake up call she needs to cut it out, or maybe she might actually tell you what’s really on her mind.

    I also support your stance on being true and firm. There is no greater friend than a one who’s honest and direct.Some people might not see it now, but give them a few months time and they’ll realise just how right you were and just how much you truly care about them!


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