One Last Entry for April 6, 2008 — I am Serious Now, LOL

Ok, I am feeling a little bit better and not so ornery or moody. I am expecting company tomorrow afternoon for the afternoon and late evening, and so I will be busy. I am looking forward to my plans for the time being. I think my friend RB will be dropping by after lunch sometime if plans at her end does not change. RB and I have just met, along with me meeting her husband and friends Z, JW, and a few others about a month ago now, and she is a breath of fresh air around me. I enjoy being around her when I am not so dang moody or ornery.

Well, the past little bit of time, which I should have been in bed two hours ago, lol, I have been doing some business online as well as working on some personal things, so my evening has been fairly good after all. Took a shower and I feel better now. My hair is clean and I myself feel clean now too. I do not know where my orneriness comes from sometimes other than the fact that I get easily peeved at people who do not listen or bother to let me know they are coming, but that has been settled now too. It was RB and JW coming over … and I did talk to RB a little bit this evening and told her that I was not a happy camper today. I think we are on good terms anyway.

Bng has been a good boy. Here are some pictures I have uploaded onto Photobucket — I believe one of them is the same as the pictures I added in my footer on my diary here.


Bing showing with sunlight

Bing being goofy as always!!

Bing Looking Up at Camera

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4 Responses to One Last Entry for April 6, 2008 — I am Serious Now, LOL

  1. I hope you can use this time to get into a good sleeping pattern ready for when you start work. Some office jobs start at 8am. If you’ve started sending out resumes or applying for jobs, a lot of employers will call you before 9am to set up a meeting or an interview, so I hope you get that lucky phone call soon!

  2. I love Bing’s white fur and blue eyes, so cute 🙂

  3. zerraweth says:

    Sorry to hear about all those annoying people.


  4. LadyCris says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I can be a VERY moody person and most of the time I get calls at 1 in the morning. Unless it’s Cris I won’t answer. People are nuts…1 a.m. is when you sleep!! Totally works my nerves.

    Last night I had the worst nightmare…it scared me I refused to get dressed for school.

    It was very hard for me to sleep last night. I think I stayed up until like 3 or 4. My fiance was sleep and I was just deperate to hear his voice for some comfort.

    I dunno lol. I hope your week is going to be better and you get a job soon! (Lord knows I was struggling for one too).

    Desma Davenport

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