Remembering About a Year Ago

A Year ago, Bing had found safety high up on the cupboard top, and I thought I had broken him from it ten, but this morning, running to the bathroom, I have found him jumping from the refrigerator to the counter, down to the floor. That silly boy of mine found safety up there again and I now wonder how long he has been getting up there!!! See picture from last year. Still my sweet little boy, my Little Man of my life, though.

Bing 2007

What is On My Cupboard Today
What is up on my cupboard now in hopes that Bing would not go up there anymore, but he found a way. Bing is not in this picture.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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2 Responses to Remembering About a Year Ago

  1. zerraweth says:

    Hehe, how did you make him get down?

  2. LilyBlack says:

    LOL! Cats are really amazing creatures – I must say this entry really amused me and made me smile :)!


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