TIme at Home

Well … did not feel much better since yesterday … actually felt worse around 4:30 a.m. this morning and advised my cleaning lady LB NOT to come over today at all. I felt yucky in the department of feverish, sweaty, and just plain ol’ yucky such as a sore throat. I felt horrible. Slept off and on all day long. Slept for a few hours in my recliner with Bing laying on my lap against my arm and waking me up at the slightest noise I would make. What a cat! Bing slept with me for 4 hours. He knows when I do not feel so good. So my time at home was sleeping and watching television whenever I was awake…if awake was at any given time, lol. I would watch television for a few minutes and the next thing I knew time would have passed by because I slept most of the time away, lol.

Bing is still favoring his left paw somewhat but not so much as he has done in the past couple of days and he does walk around barely limping about, and earlier today he did meow a little discomfort because he bumped his paw while laying down on the bed against the headboard of the bed. When he jumped down off the bed to get a bite to eat, he did not limp so his paw was not hurt too badly. I am glad that Bing is going to be okay/just fine.

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