Catching Up

Since Dear Diary did not allow me to get online since practically the 1st of June or I have been super duper busy, I do have to admit that I will be catching up on some back entries to give my friends an update of what has been going on since May left us and June popped in. Right now I am tired and wanting to get to sleep soon and it has been one of those weekends and weeks, I am not going to really say much here tonight. I did get my new glasses finally and I am wearing them right now — otherwise I won’t be able to see as I read and write, lol. I can see distance well without glasses but words on paper or on a computer screen will not happen for me these days. I do have to admit that Bing is doing great and he has been such a good boy all day long and when company came up for a visit. Bing really loves his Aunt CD so very much. I do not know how many times Bing got brushed today, but he loved every minute of othe brushing and wanted more. What a cat I tell ya. I am glad, at this hour of the night, at 10:15 p.m. that have time for myself for a while before retiring to bed and that is one good reason why I am here right now. I do not expect my phone to ring anytime soon now especially after this hour of the night unless it is an emergency anyway. I am tired now after not having the best night’s sleep for the past few days now — Friday is when I believe the sleepless nights began for some reason or another — a mystery not yet solved and I doubt this mystery will be solved. Np rush on finding an answer anyway.

Going to say good night quickly and come back tomorrow … unless Dear Diary is not accessible again.

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  1. No, it wasn’t just you… Apparently they’ve been having MAJOR server problems for the past several days… Seemed like it was up and running again last night, but today I couldn’t access again until now, and it seems the entry I posted last night has disappeared, so I’m not sure if they’re all *fixed* yet or not…

  2. DD was down the past few days; I had the same problem. I agree and I hope the site does still contine to become available. The friends I have made here are life long. Eventhough, I have never met any of them in real life I’m glad I know them; this includes you. I have been having problems sleeping lately too. Last weekend I woke up and then I couldn’t get back to sleep until two hours later. Well, I hope all goes well for you. Enjoy your weekend. God bless.


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