To No Surprise —- 12:40 a.m.

RB and I are still up even though I am feeling tired — too excited about the new outlook of my bedroom. I do not think that Saturday night can come any quicker or can it? With time almost 1 a.m., I do have to admit that time has gone rather slowly yesterday for the most part until RB got here. Time did seem a little slow at the start and I did not feel that great emotionally all day long yesterday for some odd reason. I am just a little bit frustrated yet or should I say that I am a little more frazzled than frustrated to some point. I have been staying up late the past three nights because sleep has not been that easy to find … even with taking an antihistamine to help me be a little sleepy after 10 p.m.. Tonight the antihistamine did not work very well. I do feel relaxed though. I am okay otherwise. One more night sleeping on my bed in the living room. Being up late, past 10 p.m. again for the third night in a row is to no surprise really. Oh well, that’s life I guess. Tonight I will sleep in my bedroom again, and I hope my cleaning lady LB likes the layout of my bedroom Tuesday. I love it!!!

More later …. RB is going to be here until her husband gets off of work after 10 p.m. tonight but I do intend to be back before that and after that. RB and I are going to a candle party that a neighbor is throwing this afternoon in twelve hours from now. More later ….

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  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been having trouble sleeping. I hope getting back into your bedroom helps. I just love it after a room has been rearranged, it’s like you have a whole brand new room for a while. Hope you get to feeling better, soon! God bless, Summer

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