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What can I say about today? Well … Let me put it this way. It was a good day. Ever since RB came and helped rearrange my bedroom I have yet to sleep in my bedroom because RB did spend another night with me last night. We had fun last night, too, of course. Even JS joined us for a while for supper. Anyway, my first official night in my bedroom is tonight and it has been the first time in over a year I have slept in my bedroom for some odd reason. I am actually looking forward to it. Was I disappointed about not sleeping my bedroom last night? I can not really say I was exactly because having RB over for the second night was awesome and my sleeping in my bedroom could wait one more night … even though I did wish I was in my bedroom sleeping and not in the living room.

Today’s entry is going to be rather short because it is getting late and I have an appointment in the morning to talk to my “shrink” at 11 a.m. I have to get up at 8 a.m. or so in the morning in order to get up and ready for my day otherwise so I will be back tomorrow if weather allows me to be online and have my computer up and running. We were expecting a thunderstorm today but it never happened. It was only cloudy and yucky outside for a while. If it rained any, I did not notice it at all. Was having too much fun entertaining guests or company. Even CD came home from her weekend away and came up for a short visit to chat with me about her weekend. CD is an awesome gal.

Is this entry going to be short?? LOL By the looks of it … maybe not, kind of, who knows but God. I just keep on raving and ranting about this and that. It is late and I SHOULD be in bed now in my bedroom!!! Anyway, Bing was in very good spirits today … so good that he did something I did not expect him to do at all. RB’s husband and roommate came and picked her up after her two nights stay here and RB’s husband began playing with Bing with the laser pointer I had gotten some time ago and Bing chased after the laser light on the floor in circles like a dog would chasing his/her tail. I thought it was cute. When CD came up, I showed her what Bing did and I tried showing it to JS too but Bing was not so gunhoe on doing it that time. He did chase after the laser pointer/light but much more quietly … due to the fact that it was after 10 p.m. and Bing knows to be more quiet between 10 p.m. – 8 a.m. in the morning .. good ol’ Bing!!

Well, now I think I better go…I have a big day tomorrow — at least I think I do anyway, lol. Good night ya’ll. Have a good night and a great day!!!

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