Ok People!!!!

I do not know how much more crap I can take from this building I live in anymore. Many people/tenants are acting like babies around here. It makes the activities that have been going on not fun anymore because of the crap that people have pulled. It stinks around here a lot and it stinks badly at times. That is why I have secluded myself from people. Even when a tenant’s daughter said what she said to me this past Tuesday broke my heart because I did not do a damn thing to her mother or her. I was so hurt, bawled for 3 hours and ever since then, been careful with everyone. I am not wanting anymore disappointments. I get emotionally sick and scared so easily at times and I need not to get sick again. I just ended another UTI a few days ago. I got sick enough with this last UTI that I hurt enough and had to be put on the right antibiotic. I could not even stand myself I was hurting enough. I just wish that I could make a wish and everyone I want to disappear do disappear. Especially those babies in here. Also, the property management’s daughter who is a tenant here too does not need anymore crap coming and going to her either, and she is getting sick and tired of it. I read her blog today and she said that her dad wants her to move on out of here because of the crap that is going on. His daughter is only a tenant as well as the cleaning person, but it does not mean that tenants can go to her and bitch and complain. She will call her father and talk to him about it. I hate it when people come to me with their problems too because I have my own and I can get sick real easy because I forget to take care of myself when i get too deep in other problems outside my own that can cause my little problems bigger for me to handle myself. It is how I am, a person who wears her heart on my sleeve and people have taken advantage of that to a point because I have allowed it for one. Anyway, the crap that has been going on is wearing on me now, and I just do not know which direction to take except go on ahead, who to believe anymore except for Tom, Judie, and Sommers Reality people, and the daughter who lives in this building; I can not wait to get away from here for the day this coming Saturday.

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