I really do not know what to title tonight’s entry because it is late and I feel like just rambling. Today, my Tuesday, was a good day. Despite being a woman this week, my day went very well. Pretty much kept to myself and stayed home. My cleaning lady LB stopped by and did very little cleaning today. She did not have to really clean today so we worked in my bedroom, which is was impressed with, by hanging up some pictures while I looked through two bags of possible trash. After we worked in my bedroom for a while she swept and then left. I have been doing very well maintaining my place for the past several weeks that her time here has been short and sweet even though I wish she could be here longer than a half an hour to forty-five minutes. I wanted her to stay longer today. I was having a LB need I guess.

After Lisa left, I decided to do some reading and relaxing before my Bible study came, and I did just that and got on the computer for awhile. Bing pretty much stayed in the bedroom the entire day napping and taking it easy. He did come out to say hello to my company and have something to eat, but later disappeared into the bedroom again waiting for me to take it easy with him again. In the past few days to couple weeks now I have seen Bing very happy and very playful and very sociable that I have picked up my own spirits. I think the idea of rearranging my bedroom helped pick up some of my spirits even more so and Bing has noticed it lately himself. Bing is one smart cat, I tell you. He has been running in circles with a laser light when we play during the day or not that he makes me laugh and wonder what cats do for fun otherwise. He is such a good boy I tell you. I have seen Bing happy most of the time, but he has been happier lately. I wonder what I did for him that changed his whole spirit now.

After my Bible study came and left, I did some more relaxing and reading. It was a lazy day for me somewhat. I did not turn on television until 3 p.m., and of course, I had fallen asleep on my bed in the living room and woke up around 8:50 p.m. and decided to lay down in the bedroom for a while and then JS called me as she said she would and we talked for a while, and then I decided to get online and check my emails, myspace, myyearbook, and facebook quickly, and then I will be going to bed.

I think, seriously, that I will go to bed now. Good night my friends. Love ya all!

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