Some Words Before June is Completely For a Year

Well my friends … June is pretty much gone and July begins tomorrow; All is good and I will be going to be here in a few minutes after I finish writing here. I am tired and Bing and I need to cuddle for a while. Had company for supper again tonight because my friend CD got back from her trip to see Judy Garland’s home, two of the munchkins that were in the movie Wizard of Oz, and she had a great time. However, CD came home and found some bad news … a friend of hers had passed away after 4 1/2 years battling cancer so CD is a little sad right now; Wanted her to join me for supper … my treat tonight and I think we had loads of fun. Gotta love CD.

Tomorrow I have my cleaning lady over around 9:30 a.m. Am I looking forward to her coming? Yes and no — the no part being that I do not want too much company tomorrow for some reason. Have been so busy that I kind of forgot how peaceful it is without company but then I get too lonely and down. I will be okay. I have another busy week this week filled with appointments. Hope this week is nice. Today was not too bad.

I really do not have a whole lot to say right now .. tonight. Getting tired and need some sleep. I am going to say good night and go to my bedroom now. Later days!

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