My Private Thoughts For Now

My appointment with my DVR counselor went well. I really want a job now and I just need to get myself physically capable for the next step in job hunting. I am still excited about looking for work even though my physicalness is telling me differently from time to time these days or the past three years. I am done job shadowing now and having two job shadowing experiences is all that can be done for now in the field that I am now educated for … accounting. I am seriously looking forward to working with my DVR counselor and whoever I will be working with during my job hunting search. All is good at this time. For the next several weeks, I will be working with someone in looking for work and I have to put aside job searching once a week. The idea of searching for a week is a good idea … physically fit or not. It will have to be … I want that job BADLY enough. I can do it.

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