July 8

Well .. today was on day I decided to just take it easy and lay around. One of things I did during my day, other than lay around, was call my kidney coordinator to ask her about what medication would cause my muscles to weaken and one of the drugs I am taking called Zocor or the generic brand name is Simvastatin is the culprit to why I use a cane now. I am okay with finding out what was causing my spells of muscle weakening, but it also drove a little fear into me a bit too. I do NOT want to lose my legs anymore than what I have lost control of. Reason being is because of the fact that these spells are pretty bad at times and these “at times” can be the worst of times for me. I am a young woman. even though I believe that 38 is getting pretty close to an age I am not sure of reaching but not yet getting up there, I i am a “go, go, go” person. Not a go, stop and think a moment, and go again kind of person. I will be okay in the LONG run though. I promise that. We as humans do not ALWAYS have control of things and we just have to let God take control. I am saying this today that I did have a bad spell on Sunday and it was one day I did not plan this to happen, either. I took it easy and did my best ALL day long. I am getting strong again. Have to because I have to walk to my DVR appointment tomorrow afternoon after lunch. Gotta run for now. Bed is calling. Good night.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. I hope you rest well and that your legs are much stronger tomorrow. Hugs, Richard

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