8/13 – The Blahs For Some REASON!

I just do not know what to think right now — I am feeling blah…meaning emotional and just wanting to cry my eyes out. Every time I am not busy, I end up thinking about that one phone call I had gotten the other night when RB was spending the night and the message that HI left was not pleasant to my ear or taste. Honestly I wish that some people would just get the message to leave me alone if I do not call them or do not return any of their messages. I have been emorionally free of HI for two months now and then the other night she broke the silence by trying to call but failed to get me because I will not talk to her anymore for personal reasons that she has no part of as my decision not to ever talk to some people in my life now-a-days is a choice I have rightfully made for myself to keep me sane in such an insane world. HI really set off my emotional triggers and I just can not calm them down. Do I have to change my telephone number again and make sure it is unlisted this time and I never give my number out to anyone ever again except for family members? It may have come to that … AGAIN! I wish people would just leave me alone sometimes. None of my DD friends have gotten me this upset ever yet and I know no one will here. I just block people out of my life if I think that the influence is bad anyway and I have done so with a few bloggers/diarists here so far. I have been here far too long to leave here.

I am having the blahs right now and I can not imagine why…and that is a scary thing — a very scary thing. More later … after I take care of myself. Bye for now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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2 Responses to 8/13 – The Blahs For Some REASON!

  1. weapons says:

    i don’t consider anyone here a friend, never have

  2. Pragmatist says:

    Nope, you can’t move in with me. Missy and Banshee are the only "people" I tolerate in the same home. But you and Bing could live next door.


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