In All Honesty

Okay, here’s the scoop. I am not political inclined here much as i have just become a little knowledgeable in politics recently … more so since I was 18 years old and my dad took me to my first voting booth. I do have to admit, that even with it being part of politics, the ranting and raving and downing the opponents running for office really bugs me to no end. When it comes to politics, don’t expect me to be debating any political issues with me at all period. In all honesty, I feel it is a waste of time or breath to slap your opponent in the face whether or not the allegations are true or not. Consider me the peacemaker or softhearted if you want. When it comes to politics, unless my voice can make a difference, I am one of those people who in politically behind the times. Funny? I believe there is nothing funny about politics in my book. I am one person, me, Kristi K, who is just becoming politically inclined. I am really new at this, seriously. It’s in all honesty in my way of thinking. No debating on this subject. What’s the use… I am not in any want to run for President myself or run in any public office myself.

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