12/09/09 – Thank Goodness For the Internet

Well, the cable has been out for most of the day now and it looks like it is going to be out for the night as well according to the status report the cable service has brought to our attention. Last night we had a thunderstorm that took out some areas of electricity, the cable, and unfortunately, bad snowstorm as well. Now, seriously, I went to bed early last night and did not even know about the thunderstorm, and had awakened to signs of our electricity hitting us but it did not take out our electricity for the day or night. I did have my bedroom light on real low thinking that my Bing Crosby cat had touched during the night while getting into the bedroom window because my clocks on electricity were not blinking and my CPAP machine was still working just fine. I did also notice that the cable for my television was not working properly … and so I called and found out that Wisconsin had a very big outage today. I even called the cable company about two hours ago and learned that the weather we had the past couple of days have caused the technicians to be unable to fix the problems of the cable outages at this time. It does not bother me much to not have any cable TV so I am thankful for having AT&T phone and internet service today … at least for today. I am not totally bored, lol. I do miss watching my RTV which is Retro TV channel. I am unable to watch Ironside, The Bold Ones, Kojak, and so forth, today.

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