June 21, 2010 – 2

I Understand Garfield

I understand Garfield when it comes to him “hating Mondays”, LOL. I am not having the greatest Monday now, either. My shower gal, LJB is not going to make it today because she is unwell so now I am waiting patiently for another shower gal to come. I believe it is going to be KH, my Wednesday and Friday shower gal…but I am not sure of the time yet because I can not get a hold of the business right now. Mondays are busy days I can see. I can understand Garfield hating Mondays, though.

Where Is This Day Going?

At 11:07 a.m., yet not showered, I have no idea where this day is going just yet. It has yet not moved. I want to shower and get cleaned up very badly, too. I feel so grimy and gross … being a woman and all this week. Bing and Cuddles are doing great.

Showered and Dressed

KH did come and give me a shower. She was here by 11:30 a.m. as Mercy said since LJB could not make it because she was ill.

The Rest of My Afternoon

I had company over for a few minutes this afternoon but that is about it for what was going on around here other than working on my schoolwork and going to class … after all I went to class when I vowed I was not going to class at all today, lol.

More later…

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