June 22, 2010 – 1

The Newlyweds Come Back!

JSL and her husband DL will be coming back from their honeymoon today. It will be nice to see them again when they come to pick up their fur baby Cuddles Marie, and she will be greatly missed when she does leave here today.

Cleaning and Laundry Done

Cleaning and laundry is done and it has been done before 10 a.m. this morning. It is 12:18 p.m. now. It did not take long to clean my apartment today and it hasn’t been taking a long time for a month or so now since I have been keeping it up on a daily basis the past few weeks. Having LB here every week helping with the laundry portion of the cleaning process does help pick up my spirits a bit. When she left this morning, I did ask her if she really had to leave … I did not want her to leave this morning…seriously.

A Quick School Update

I do have to admit that the last class I am in is definitely compelling and worth my time and money. I have been promising myself days of the week, which is 3 days a week out of 7-day week, I would take off, but I just can not stay away from class for even a few minutes. The only thing that keeps me away from class is if we have a storm or something. My computer(s) are NOT up and running or even on during a storm. We had one on Friday that did some physical damage to trees and properties around Janesville, Wisconsin. Even power went out in a couple of areas.

I will be back later…weather permitting of course.

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