My World on a Wednesday

I had my shower in the morning and then after my shower, I ran an errand to the bank to get quarters for laundry, and stamps for mailing things. After thinking about it all day long, I have not bought a book of stamps for over a year! WOW! I have relied on emails, the internet, and being able to pay for things over the phone or online for way too long! I think, like everyone else, I have taken things for granted at times … relying on things the old fashioned way is not so bad after all.

Anyway, after getting quarters from the bank, I came home and did a lot of reading and writing, and watching TV. Actually, I watched a little live TV this morning — giving my “inner child” a chance to enjoy TV for a while. I will do it again tomorrow/

Good night and God bless

Author: ksmiley

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