My Evening

It has been an okay evening. I am now getting tired now that my tunny is full from having chicken fir supper tonight. I am not sure when I will be retiring to bed at the moment since it is only 7:13 p.m. in Wisconsin. I am tired, though. So right now I am watching Law & Order: CI that were recorded yesterday morning and afternoon on USA. It is one of my most favorite shows to watch. I wish that Netflix would carry Law & Order shows on instant watch but they don’t yet – future I really hope and soon. I called my neighbor LG who stated she was heading to bed early tonight since she ws very tired. She was with a tenant from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. who was taken to the hospital due to not feeling very well an LG called 911 for the tenant. I will never go to our local ER ever again after what I was told and ever since July 4th weekend, I do not trust our local ER anyway … I will never set foot in our local ER again!!! After I learned why this tenant was taken to our local ER I was not a very happy camper at all. In fact, I am stewing about my dislike and distrust with our local ER. I personally think our ER has become an uncaring place in our city! I will NEVER set foot in our ER ever again. Madison’s UW-Hospital is the best place to go … they are trustworthy and they listen. They are awesome.

Beginning to Feel People Don’t Care ANYMORE!

I am beginning to understand this phrase I have always felt was true: Friends come and go out our lives but “true” friends come and stay to the end of our days. I know who were my friends and who are my “true” and that is so important to me these days. Today I was talking to my on-site manager while we were doing my re-certification for the following year. I could see, again that I was signing my life away with all the paperwork I skimmed through while reading and asked specific questions on unclear matters, and it is all government related! YIKES! We still have our “freedom of speech” but I am beginning to see the
T”freedoms” are a little bit different now that I am all grown up and on my own. Our “freedoms” are different now. Are we losing our “freedpms” slowly? I can’t tell right now but… Do people care anymore? I am beginning to feel that is beginning to happen. For us Christians who believe in God and what is happening today we do believe, most of us and I am one, we are living in the last days. Satan is fighting to turn people away from God much harder than ever before, and I do also have to admit that I am trusting the government that God is head of more than our earthly government. WOW!!! Some people do not care anymore. Not good and definitely true. We are living in the last days!

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Christ died for us and Christ gave us a chance to live and learn about him and his heavenly father, God. In four days, Christmas will be here, and many people do not celebrate the holiday because of their church beliefs and beliefs in God altogether. and I am fine with that. However, I can understand keeping Christ in Christmas. Christ’s birthday, but this year I did not put up my Christmas tree or decorations. The reason I did not do such this year was because I did not have the help to get my Christmas stuff out. My Christmas stuff is packed away in different places right now. I did, at least, take down a couple of candles that were Christmas colors and have been burning them on a regular basis. I did not burn any candle today, though.

The end of my evening thoughts and yet more to come,

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