2010 Christmas Day At Ksmiley’s!

My Day Today – My Christmas Day at Home This Year

I am not celebrating the holiday with no one this year. No invitations to anywhere and that is okay. I celebrated Thanksgiving with my New Mexico family this year and made no major plans for Christmas this year.. Today, since I am alone this day, I am watching Christmas related programs on my DVR box that were recorded earlier in the week and watching TV shows related to Christmas on live TV throughout the day. I had awakened at 8:45 a.m. this morning — slept in for the first time in a very long time this morning, wished my friends, family, and facebookian friends a Merry Christmas and have gotten a few replies and Christmas wishes. It is not that I do not want to celebrate Christmas this year with anyone I just want to be alone this year. It is not the gift giving, the card making and giving, and being with others that makes Christmas what it is — it’s how we believe in the holiday. I have already spoken to my dad yesterday afternoon before 3 p.m. and my mom is going to call me sometime today — not sure when though. She will surprise me like she always done so on special occasions. I just know she will call me today because we texted each other yesterday morning and early afternoon a little bit. Anyway, I have gotten some Merry Christmas texts from friends this morning, said my Christmas Day wishes on facebook this morning, had lunch, and doing my thing the rest of the day. I just wanted to have a different Christmas this year anyway. I did not mind it at all that no one – friends or family – did not invite me to share the holidays with them. I decided to be different this year. I am having a very good day by myself – not alone really. God is with me.

Anyway…to be honest with you…after my dear friend SJ lost his mother two to three days before Thanksgiving last month and I found out on December 22nd that another friend from high school named BW lost his mother to a possible heart attack three days before Christmas, this Christmas seems to be a day where it will be celebrated here and there and not here and there at the same time. It is not be celebrated much here at all here this year. I am honoring the two friends who lost their mothers this year in the past few weeks to three days ago. I do know that my friend SJ is working this day like he does every weekend holiday or not. I do feel bad for SJ and BW at this time. The holidays is not the greatest or best time to lose a loved one — never good to lose a loved one at any time actually but we get the point, right? Right. My heart aches for my two friends at this time even though I have not seen my friend BW for a few years now. Not seeing BW for a few years is a very long story and I will not go into the story at any given time as it is too private and very personal but I will say this … he was a big jerk not listening to me a few years ago and the authorities had to get involved to shut him up and leave me alone … the story does not end there but my telling it does.

Wishing Everyone at Dear Diary A Merry Christmas

I would like to wish all my Dear Diary friends and Dear Diary journalists a very Merry Christmas. Even though I am not celebrating the holidays with family and friends this year, I am still seeing a very beautiful and in Wisconsin a very snowy Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas!!!

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