More Christmas — To End The Day Perfectly …

An Unexpected Christmas Dinner

I did not go anywhere. A neighbor brought me a plate with lamb, potatoes/carrots, fruit salad, roll, and a piece of pumpkin pie for my dinner tonight – no pizza tonight, lol … will save that for lunch tomorrow and if not eaten all by lunch … dinner as well.


I texted my mom that I had an expected dinner come my way for supper and I told her what it was, and she texted me back saying “fatty”… I was hurt by it and I thought it was VERY rude and mean sounding. She DID NOT collaborate what “fatty” meant – whether it was the food I was eating or was she calling me a Miss Fatty but it still hurt me badly enough. Sometimes people are so rude and mean to the point of my not wanting to have much contact with them anymore,. Dang! That is the only thing that disappointed me about my day of such a very happy day for myself – the thought of my neighbor/friend coming down with a plateful of food with reasonable portions was very sweet and thoughtful. I did not have too bad of an alone sort of day! I will be okay … will get over this real soon. I am still having a very Merry Christmas today though. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Christmas Songs/Music

I have decided to turn the TV off TV and turn on the music portiin of my DVR cable box. Listening to the seasonal music channel and right now they are playing Christmas songs/music from different eras and times before I was born and after I was born. I have heard songs sung by Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Julie Andrews, Connie Francis, and even the era of Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. A very fine Christmas to me! The best day I have ever had … after all! YAY! Even though my mom sent me a text calling me “fatty” during my dinner hour time. I still had a VERY Merry Christmas Day day all long. YAY! I could not have asked for more. The music has been an awesome light to my evening.

Looking Into the New Year 2011

I am thinking about the New Year coming in so many days but I have no New Year resolutions at all because they will end up getting broken – like a promise that is never kept – but I do have to admit one thing — walking away from negativity is GOING to continue as the past two years and those I have walked away from will be gone out of my life for good to keep my happiness up. I know I had a little disappointment today but I did have a very good day otherwise. Still a Merry Christmas for me in my world even though I spent the day alone all day long.

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