Entry #2 – My Afternoon and World At a Glance

My Afternoon

Where did my morning go?! It disappeared very quickly by the time I had my shower and got dressed into my comfies for the day and weekend. I have no plans on going anywhere this weekend After KH finally left to go to her next client, time seemed to fly by so very quickly that noon arrived before I could blink! I have been reading the 4th installment of Harry Potter all morning along with computer stuff, and have been reading off and on during the early afternoon while watching and listening to the TV. I am doing my very very best at catching up on my recorded TV programming on my DVR cable box but the shows are dwindling down rather slowly because I have been watching a little more Live TV lately – more this week of all the weeks I have watched Live TV while being on my computer. I guess and assume that it has been one of those weeks that I do not care what is going on. The weekend has arrived and it is Friday – TGIF everyone! – ad I have no showers to worry about so I will not see KH until Monday now – YAY! I have caught up on four recorded programs and now on my 5th recorded program now while I am doing stuff on my computer this early afternoon. i am going to, I think and hope, to take this weekend and stay up later tonight for the first time in a week and just take advantage of my weekend of being lazy and somewhat inactive but yet be busy and still get up early in the morning and keep up with my schedule otherwise. I am going to take ADVANTAGE of my weekend!!! No company, no phone calls outside my mom and her husband in New Mexico, and my AR parents this weekend. I may not talk to my dad this weekend since I did talk to him last weekend about a few things that were very important in my world I wanted him to know about. Honestly, I am “daddy’s little girl” because he still gets upset, concerned, worried, and never lets certain subjects go very easily! i am 40 years old for goodness sakes!!!

My World At a Glance

Okay, this is one subject matter I really need to discuss right now so my mind and world is put at ease before I become anxious and hyper this weekend and get real sick again. After last week and being sick from Sunday through Wednesday, I surely do not want to get that sick again and lose 72 hrs of sleep and become a whiny woman at my age. Anyway…. my world at a glance is very important to share now and today. Here it goes…

I know I have spies seeing what I do and say online now and I know who they are, and I have express my very personal and uncomfortable feelings about five certain family members who are no longer communicating with other family members and not just me. I have expressed my pure hatred of certain family members as well and called certain family nasty names in the past couple of days but those words ring true in my hurt and angry heart. I am still not happy – royally pissed actually – with certain family members, and I know my anger, words, and feelings are of God’s dislike and are not, definitely by any means, justified or ever will be but I will never ALLOW such dysfunction in my life anymore whatsoever or drama and the family I have spoken about strongly, have a lot of dysfunction and illnesses that just need to be taken care of before I ever ALLOW them back in my life ever again. I have my parents in NM, my sister in KS, my parents in AR now and that is plenty of family. My brother and his family are dead to me for now – probably forever at this rate because of their actions and attitude, and spies!! Yes, they have spies around me and I know who they are and they will remain at arms length for good until they see what idiots they are! I am sick and tired of the spies! I even have ex-friends who are spies too, and they know who they are and they better stop or they will be paying for their actions to God when He passes judgment on them. I know I will have to pay for my actions as God passes judgment on me when I face him in person. This is my world at a glance. I will be back later.

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