Entry #3 – Good Night & God Bless

Now with evening upon me, bed is looming rather closely now. The plan to stay up late is NOT going to happen tonight. That’s okay because I have found myself in a wonderful sleep regimen. The sleep regimen being early to bed and early to rise to make more time during the day to have three square meals in a day than missing one or two meals and eating junk all day long just to satisfy my hunger and appetite. When I talked to my casework MM this afternoon before she left work for the weekend, I told her that I had more energy during the day, did not have any urges to call Pizza Hut or a sub sandwich shop ever since I have eaten three meals a day starting January 20, 2011. I have also talked about the meal preparations each week has been a great joy and that I am eating the prepared meals for lunch and supper . My world is, I think, changing for the better now more so than ever before. Even though I ate three square meals a day at my mom’s during my ten day Thanksgiving week vacation with them, I did not really keep that up everyday when I came back home until the meal preparation began almost a month ago now. Meal preparation each week has changed my life for the better I believe. Yay! Anyway, the plan to stay up late tonight is NOT going to happen ever anymore. I am getting very tired now which is absolutely wonderful. I will stay up until 8 pm at least. I cannot stay up any later than that now-a-days even though last Sunday I was up until 11 pm after watching a football game in the community room with three other ladies and watched the 5th installment of Harry Potter with my neighbor CKR that night.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I have read 14 chapters of the 4th book Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire in the past couple or so days, and will no longer read any of the books after 7 pm anymore because I do want to go bed at a reasonable hour and get up at a reasonable hour in the morning to fit breakfast into my daily schedule. I have not missed any breakfast hours since the 20th of January now. YAY!

Do please excuse my “obsession” about eating three meals a day instead of only one. I am bound determined to follow a fine eating regimen and keep my health up in good standards as this is the 23rd year since my kidney transplant this coming March 12, 2011. I am going to see my world reach 25 years and go father than that. There is a patient on record in Madison, Wisconsin who has had a transplanted kidney for 30 years and I am going to each that goal for as long as I am able. I am going to live a normal life for many years. God is control of my life and that will be it for the rest of my life. I have not reached all of my dreams but have went to elementary, middle, and high school, and finished college in 2010, and now I have to hook a job and make money to be proud of my efforts in my life. I cannot give up EVER! God is in control of my life forever from this day forward – several weeks ago actually.

I have to get ready for bed so I am going to head off for the night and come back tomorrow sometime. Good night and God bless!

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