Remembering January ’11

I cannot believe it that January is now gone for another year and February is now here. It feels like January came and went so quickly that it, to me, left so quickly like in a blink. My way of thinking may be silly but I do believe this is a method for one’s madness at times and this is one of those times. Anyway… Remembering January, the month it is and was, has been reasonable. At the time, before 2011 arrived, I had learned of the possible changes in my world, and then in January that those possible changes were going to take place. As for change, in my world, there needs to be a warning or a gradual change because for some reason, since I was a child and after my parents divorce, I have had difficulty with change. I am not sure, at this point in time, now that I am older, if I handle change differently because there are still times I have major difficulty with change. With one of the changes that did occur in January I did not have any difficulty with is the fact that my DLS (Daily Living Skills worker LB was not going to be my DLS worker any longer and met a new gal and she has been told about in previous DD entries in January. She is J. I met her and fell in love with her immediately. In fact, she will be here today at 8:15 am to help with my DLS since today is Tuesday. Another change I got accustomed to quickly because I was told about it ahead of time was the fact that J was going to be helping me, along with my IDS caseworker from time to time, with meal preparations and grocery shopping once a week beginning in January. There were a couple of changes, as well and unfortunately, that were not accepted very well at all and that was the fact that I had gotten sick for a few days and had, please excuse the extent of description the diarrhea real bad and went to Madison, Wisconsin to the UW-Madison Hospital and Clinics emergency room two days in a row to find out if I was dehydrated and needed to stay overnight to have fluids pumped into me but I did not need to be admitted into the hospital at all. Not having any sleep from Sunday to Wednesday that week drove me to tears and complaining, and some fears of what was going to come in my future. I am usually afraid of meeting new people like doctors, but on January 19th, I had met a new doctor – a female doctor – who is an internal physician, and I was very happy to meet her right away. I was still not feeling very good that day and very tired at that point, that certaon fear just did not exist so I am not sure if the fear of meeting new people like a doctor would not happen again. Even having my menstrals for the month of December and January were absolutely no fun either. So this is how I remember January ’11 and now, today, we are seeing February 1st – a new month and new days coming. Today I am going to hit head on and begin the month happily! The reason I say this, is because of some family members, especially those who live east of the United States are out of my life and have been causing some havoc in my world by spying on me the past few days or asking friends to spy on me for them and report back. Lovely, huh? As if people do not have anything better to do in their lives so they cannot move on and leave others alone. I have expressed myself openly and strongly how I feel about my family who live out east so this month, if they continue to cause havoc, I will do something about it by getting the authorities involved. As if they are not happy enough making other people unhappy makes me realize that they are unhappy themselves and want others to be just as miserable. You know…drama queens and kings they are. I live in Wisconsin and I am a very busy woman these days and have true friends in my life and I have and will continue to walk away from negativity aenytime now that it is very easy to do so. Why certain family members are acting the way they are now, after two years, is beyond me because that makes them looks like idiots who are insane, LOL So this is how I remember January ’11!!

February 1, 2011

With January gone only a few hours yet, we have reached February 1, 2011. Next year we will have 29 days of February because of Leap Year, but I am not worried about that just yet. I just made an observation and I sometimes do that spur of the moment. Today was one of those moments.

More later…./i>

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