A Winter Wonderland

I am not really in the need to write a whole lot today but I will share one thing today. We have a winter wonderland outside right now because we were under a winter advisory from yesterday afternoon to today. It snowed all day yesterday and by 3 pm or so we had snow flurries coming down very fast and the wind began to pick. Even schools, some businesses, and after school activities were being canceled or closed for the day. I had laid on the futon and slept their all night and continuously looked out the living room window and saw the snow being blown in all different directions and the wind sounded eerie as it hit parts of the building. It reminded me of being up high in the mountains on a very snowy day and the wind would pick up a little bit and whistling through the trees. I actually liked the eerie sound … a comfort knowing that the world outdoors existed yet for another lovely, although cold, night. The snowstorm ended sometime during the night and yet schools were canceled in the Janesville area. It was a strangely beautiful night last night. I woke up and looked out the living room window and saw a very white world – a winter wonderland. I saw a beautiful winter wonderland of snow covering the grounds, covering windows of vehicles in the apartment building’s parking lot covered with white stuff, and everything else that comes along with the winter season. Strangely enough the day has brought out a thought of what else winter can bring…danger. It looked dangerous out there – cold and slippery. I did find out one thing earlier this afternoon when a neighbor visited – it was not that terribly cold outdoors.

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