The inclement weather continues in the Janesville, Wisconsin and surrounding areas, and Illinois today. Schools have been either closed for the rest of the week or delayed in opening this morning. This blizzard we had Tuesday through early morning hours have brought some damage and delays in getting the snow cleaned up for better driving conditions. It is definitely a winter wonderland out there.

As for my day today … a good day it is. I did not have my shower yesterday but KH came today at 8 am to give me help to my shower this morning since she was able to fit me into her schedule due to the fact that a client of hers is gone away visiting family. It sure was, to me, a great joy to have a shower this morning. It felt real good to get under the real warm water, have my hair washed, and soaped up to smell clean once again this week. Please excuse the detail of my shower! KH will be back tomorrow around 930 – 10 am in the morning for my Friday morning shower. I got dressed for the day in comfies, went to the building’s office to pay my rent, and then visit my neighbor and friend at the other end of the building for awhile. LG has a beautiful male cat named Rusty and he is one very handsome cat with an intelligence that is not even cat-like. LG says that Rusty thinks he is a human – not a cat. Rusty does have human qualities for a large cat – he is bigger and heavier than Bing Crosby kitty here. He is a very good cat! After visiting LG for a while, I came home and got ready for lunch. This morning I had missed breakfast because I had gotten very busy … time flew by rather quickly, I WILL NOT miss breakfast tomorrow or get back into the habit of not eating three meals a day and snacks in-between meals. i have found myself with more energy for the day than ever before.

I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do for the rest of my afternoon and evening at this point because today is another day of getting things done. Paid my rent for the month, watched TV, read some this afternoon already, and just stayed comfortable in my comfies so far today. I have been playing games on Facebook all morning as well but that is nothing new about my day whatsoever. It has been a very good day so far at 330 pm this afternoon. I am waiting, very patiently of course, for my raspberries to grow so I can harvest them … within two unrealistic hours … and then change my farms – #4 to plant and harvest more crops. I am seriously addicted to Farm Town, Farmville, and Frontierville on facebook but this addictions do not come as a surprise to me or anyone who knows my Facebook activities – a facebook book friend and middle school colleague called me the Facebook Queen because she finds me on facebook all the time through posts and continuous activity on the website. FACEBOOK IS ADDICTING!! LOL!

More later… Good bye for now…

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