My Thursday All Day!!

I feel somewhat lazy but can not be totally lazy because I have a counseling appointment this afternoon at 2 pm and I have to be ready to leave by 120 or so because of my ride coming by 130 pm. I feel, as lazy as I feel, pretty good and not sick anymore for once in a long time. The virus and dehydration, and last anxiety attack took me for a loop this time and now that I am on an even keel health wise again, I do have to admit that I feel human once again for once in a very long time. My Thursday, not busy at all really but had the one appointment with my counselor and MM, was a very good day all long. When I got home from my appointment, I had CKR come down to share supper with me. Tonight, for the firs time in almost two months now, we had pizza from Pizza Hut tonight. It settled heavily in my stomach tonight. Oops! I won’t be ordering pizza much anymore. One of those things out of my diet for the most part now I guess.

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