The Weekend Has Arrived!!

I am so glad the weekend has FINALLY arrived! It was a long week since I have been back from the hospital from the 14th of February to the mid of the week. I am so happy that the weekend has arrived so I can go grocery shopping, have food preparation meals made for the week, and have the weekend to myself. I am feeling secure again FINALLY!! Yay! I have had my friend CKR, aka CS in the future because she is changing her name legally, over ever since I have been back from the hospital everyday as long as she has not been busy and able to help me out because of my back having a pulled muscle and … loneliness has hit the maximum levels due to high anxiety levels until recently. She was over last night for a while and left while I dozed off on the couch and was gone when I had awakened finding the TV tray table put away and the chair she was sitting in was empty of a human body and Bing was not that far away.

KH came by by 10 am and got me in my shower right away and dressed for the day. Today is my food preparation day and grocery shopping morning with J. Today is going to be fairly busy for me.

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