Some Thoughts Again – Not Hiding My Feelings Anymore PERIOD!!

It has been a fine morning. Have been up since 8 am or so now and waiting for KH to get here to help with my shower at 1130 – 12 noon, get dressed and ready for my appointment at 2 pm and having to leave here at 130 pm when my ride gets here then and then brings me back home. I called the company who has me on their schedule today and the same person is picking me up for my appointment and bringing me back home, and then I will be picked up by MM to go to my foot appointment. A busy day for sure today. Anyway…

I have some thoughts once again and I will not hide my feelings anymore…PERIOD! I am very serious here at this time. It is a new day and a new work week for a lot of people – not me – but in a way it is a new day and a new work week for me as well to a point anyway. Why not start the new day and a new work week with something somewhat new – sharing what I can and wish more so than before. I do have some thoughts again, at this hour of the morning between 11 am – 1130 am before KH gets here. I do have to admit that I do not really care for my showers being so late in the day so unlike my 930 am showers on Friday mornings. I do not like the idea that KH is always late. I wish to have someone new helping with my showers now and KH not being so fashionably late every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday anymore. I am totally sick of it and definitely afraid to report to her work place that she is fashionably late a lot lately and I believe that her new workload is too much and that being moved from 930 am to 1130 am two days a week does not always work for me anymore. I enjoy having showers earlier in the morning than close to the afternoon and waiting for KH to get here makes me feel impatient more and more every week. Lateness is something I do not like – be early or on time is my motto. I do not like this fashionably late stuff with KH anymore. It is absolutely ridiculous to be very honest here.

I heard KM in the hallways this morning vacuuming. I did not rush to the door to say hello to her and haven’t done so in a very long time – since she stopped talking to another friend of mine actually and KM is talking to this friend again – for what reason is questionable at the moment. I am kind of pissed off at KM anyway and I am not rushing to call her, run to her, or say hello to her on my own accord at this time. I will say hello to her ONLY when I see her in the lobby or community room of our building right now until my feelings subside or when things cool down between us again. KM has overstepped the line with me more than once in a two week period and yes, I am pissed at her to the point I will not talk to her for a while again. If she comes to me, fine, I will talk to her, but I won’t talk to her right now. I am holding back for a while. That woman needs help! I still believe she should not have returned to live here and many tenants are just tolerating her right now. KM needs help!!!

Speaking of help, I know I am a bit emotional at times, but I feel this is not one of those times. KM needs help and realize that her ways are not always ways followed by others. KM needs help emotionally and get back on her medication – I knowing this because of her saying so to me some time back before I got really pissed at her again due to the fact she overstepped the line in my life. She is a control freak, a complainer, and a mean spirited woman now. She is no longer a kind person with a heart of gold I once found her as when I first met her a couple of years ago. She moved out of her months ago for the reason she was not happy with this place then and then she moves back here months later happy to be back for only a short time. She has told me, while sitting in my apartment and over the phone one tie, her feelings about people who I care deeply about. Why she told me I have no idea but I do find it now a rouse to get me to be on her side which is not going to happen. I have KM figured out. I will be kind to her but she is no longer a friend or someone I can trust anymore…PERIOD! Our friendship, in my eyes, have dissolved weeks ago and was definitely confirmed two weeks ago when she talked about people I cared about meanly and talks behind my back to others about my place and all the furniture I have and I should get rid of some of it! The hell with that!!! KM is a BITCH!!! No doubt about that for sure … seriously ,,, she is a bitch now and forever in my eyes. There I did it … I said it ALL! Yay!

Going on 1145 am now and KH better be here in a few minutes. I am about to report her to her boss!!!! Damn!!! I have appointments this afternoon. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO DALLY TODAY OR BE LAZY! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF HER BEING LATE ALL THE TIME NOW, TOO! GEESH!!!!

More later this evening when I get back from my appointments and get some cleaning done.

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