A Quickippage At 11:13 AM

I am not going to be on long here but I will be back after my shower and dressed. I have a few moments before KH gets here to help with my shower to write a quick entry.


To very honest with you, I write my Dear Diary journals, most of the time, throughout the day in my Microsoft Word word processor, and post my journal before I retire to bed the day I write the entry or the following day after getting up. I had gotten up early this morning, around 7 am to begin my day, to have some time for myself and Bing Crosby the cat before my day is interrupted with my shower and having company over for a while … so forth. I had posted yesterday’s journal entry this morning on yesterday’s date because I had gotten tired and needed to go to bed. This journal entry is a quick one for the time being but I will be back later this afternoon after my shower and getting dressed for the day.


I have been working on my journaling for here off and on since 7 am this morning and somehow, ALL of the journaling has disappeared so I have to start over … geesh! I had, according to today’s journal entry, 3 pages of thought written. Dang!!! I will be back later. Good bye for now.

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