My Thoughts For The Day — Sunday

I am getting sick and tired of this virus that I have. I know that my pneumonia is getting licked by the antibiotic called Augmentin but I do not feel like doing much of anything unless I really have to at the time being. I want my life back fully. If only it was Friday, April 8, 2011 now to be very honest here. I want my voice back as well as my left ear back — plugged up now because of the virus. As of yesterday, at the ER, I do not have an ear/sinus infection which means a virus is in me and I have to let it run its course because antibiotics will not work on the virus.

To be honest here. I do have to admit that I am a little upset – not the fact that I am not feeling the greatest right now – at some of the tenants who live here in the building here. I have no idea where I got the virus from but I do have to say that some of the tenants do not stay in their apartments when they are sick so whatever they have does not spread to around the building. I have been sleeping in my recliner for comfort more so than anything since Thursday because of the pneumonia. I usually lay on my left side so when I lay on my left side, I am laying on my left ear and right now that is plugged up right now — hearing kind of lost but audible to some point. I have to wait this virus out. I can not wait until Friday!!!!!

I did go to church this evening with a friend to hear about our Pastor’s travels to Egypt and get some understanding of the history of the country related to Scripture and Bible times. It was an awesome experience and I did enjoy myself even though hearing was a little difficult, lol.

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