So Far So Good

My morning beginning at 630 am is so far so good. KH will be here soon but I will hear from her first to let me know she is on her way. The past couple of days have been okay but a little bit emotional. I am still feeling emotional but happier today. So far so good – thank goodness. When KH gets here, I won’t be alone for too long. I am looking forward to her company this afternoon if it is still on. My morning is almost over and my afternoon is soon to start, I am doing okay so far. Please forgive me for venting so much yesterday. I had to. I needed to in order to get what was on my mind off my mind for better sleep which did happen but I did wake up at 2 am this morning and woke 4 1/2 hrs later. This early morning wake ups need to quit, lol. Not really. I do not mind getting up early to have time for myself before my day really begins. I have no major plans for today or tomorrow now – can not wait til Friday to go grocery shopping and prepare food for the week. Yum on both counts, lol, I am feeling emotionally better that venting has occurred. I am going to look forward to my day today and my free time tomorrow. I will be okay. I think, now til KH gets here, I am going to read more Harry Potter and watch TV shows I previously recorded. I hope CSE is having a good day and that her company did not call her to cancel, I will be not a happy camper if I find out she spent the day alone!!! I am not totally sure if her family is really reliable. She did not see one of her sisters until almost 11 years ago now and that is very sad. I am still wondering why CSE changed her name from CKR to CSE. i would not have done so myself, Why can not people be happy with the names they were given? I think what CSE has done was real silly — it does not make the past go away. I think, seriously, what she did was kind of stupid. She expects me to always remember to call her by her new name more now than ever before. I think she needs to stop and think seriously about her life more now than she has in the past – relationship with her ex-husband still looms questionable in my mind. Sometimes I hate CSE a lot!! Is that bad? I think I need help, lol. KH is on her way, Good bye for now and more later…

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