Competitive People – The Kindhearted VS Competitive People…

Competitive People

Okay…I do not competitive people from time to time but when it comes down to being mean about it, I have a problem with it. I would rather forfeit a game and walk away from people who are like that but this morning while playing Farkle oo Facebook against someone – a man – who writes me a message saying that i have an “ugly cat” is downright cruel and mean, I should have forfeited the game I was playing with this man but decided to quit communication with him and continue playing the game. I ended up playing two games with this idiot and the second game he decided not to communicate with me by canceling communication with me the second time. The man won both games – competition in his heart.

Kindhearted VS Competitive People

What in the world do I do to some people in today’s society when I am one of the kindhearted people in the world who allows others to walk all over her until she snaps into action of taking care of the situation? Some people are just downright mean and nasty. Playing against this competitive gentleman earlier this morning drove me to nothingness and wanting to scream and cry. He does not even know me and calls my cat ugly!! What a creep. I should have just forfeited the stupid game when he said that but I decided to continue playing the game with this idiot and move on to playing cafe world for a while and do some more writing while tears streak down my innocent face. This is why I do not want to be around people very often anymore bot those I trust. I do not trust anyone much anymore. I would rather keep to myself and stay away from people!!!

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