Sundays Thoughts & Happenings

I went to breakfast with two of my friends to Ponderosa for the morning getaway from Teamster Manor for a while. After breakfast we went to a place called the Dollar Tree, then we went for a ride in the country to a see a friend of KM’s for a little while. After we got back, which was a little after 230 pm, I got comfortable and took care of a couple of things in the apartment, then finding a friend in the community room, I went into the community room for a while expecting to go back home in an hour or two but ended up staying in the community room for 4 hours enjoying my face to face contact with my friend CSE and a few others from the building. Even the gentleman who has been looking at porn on the internet using my wireless network was in the community room acting suspicious for some reason. The manager came into the community room to talk to me and the other tenants real quick and found the gentleman looking at porn on his computer and using my unsecured wireless network. At the present time except for last night and accidentally forgetting to turn off the modem so the gentleman could not get online after 10 pm, I have been shutting off my modem or unplugging the phone line from the modem so no one can get online using my wireless network until the following day. was on the internet from 12 – 3 am because I did not shut off the modem from access.

Anyway, I was going to have the rest of the day being a “me day” but it turned out to one of the busiest days of all Sundays spent at home and I ended up having face-to-face contact with a few tenants and my friend CSE. It was not a very quiet day for me after all but that is okay. I have a semi-busy week ahead and no “outside the building” appointments this week whatsoever, and I can take it easy for the most part – got my dratted period today – this evening … yuck! LOL I hate periods but glad I get them each month on schedule and they do not last long. I have decided to pull a “me day” Tuesday after my girls who come help clean and do laundry with me leave for the day and week. I have a busy day tomorrow and do not have too much time to have alone time because I have my OT therapist and IDS worker coming in the morning before lunch and then my shower at 1 pm in the afternoon, and then KH is going to stay for a couple of hours after work – I being the last client of the day.

Not Sure Anymore!

Something does not smell or sound right about KM’s conversation with me that we had this evening. She stated that she had gotten an eviction notice and was going to talk to the manager about it sometime Monday and KM’s story of eviction reason does not sound right to me. Why would she get an eviction notice for the reason that the gentleman has been looking at pornography using my unsecured wireless network and that he threatened two people in the building just does NOT make any sense in my way of thinking. I have vowed that I would tell the manager of the building Monday sometime and go from there. I have a feeling, now, since my day has ended nicely and this story KM told me sounds not right to me and my kind heart, I was not going to lie to anyone – yet allowing KM to tell me what was going on whether it was true or not or dreamed up on her end to get attention. I have a feeling I am being lied to and anyway I have my issues to contend with on a regular/daily basis. I am not sure what direction I am going right now in my own world! AARRGG! I still think KM is not mentally well at the moment now-a-days. AARRGG!!! What am I going to do!

The Rest of My Evening

After leaving the community room after supper with a few friends of Teamster Building, CSE and I came back to my place for the rest of the night and she left around 1030 pm to go to bed herself for the night and take care of her cat Ethan. I dosed off and on in my recliner and finally laid down after 2 am on the futon. More later… Good night and God bless!

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