I hate Mondays, lol, just like Garfield the cat does, lol. Today is going to be a busy day and I will have company this morning, afternoon, and this evening. My IDS worker will be here as well as my OT therapist, and another gal named Karla – not my shower gal – KH will be here around 1 pm today to help me with my shower because of my 11 am slot has another standing appointment. Today is going to be a good day if I can allow it. This day is not going to repeat itself from last week’s Monday being awful and tiring and downright crazy! I do not want what happened on May 9th to repeat itself ever again. I am still pissed about what happened and actually my heart still aches horribly … very badly … tears have been shed and anger has surfaced big time and I am still not 100% happy yet. This gentleman has definitely put a mark on this place and given it a horrible reputation.

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