The Rest o, buf My Day

I could not ask for more with this day really. It was a very good day despite a couple of rocky moments that made my day imperfect of course. I got a call I did not expect – a good call of course – but a call that will change my life from a non-working world to a working world once more – as I have a job opportunity ahead of me in a couple of months now as I have been asked to be an accountant for a company in the making as of today from what I have been informed of. I am so excited.

Yes, I did write in my thoughts earlier today with some sadness and anger along the way but do have to admit that today was not all that bad in my way of thinking and eyes. I did get a short visit from the gentleman who brought a witness out of spite for him to say that he had a witness in case he had something horribly wrong in his so called plan. I did not really like the idea of this gentleman – the one who has been looking at pornography between 11 pm – 3 am at night while the community room was open 24/7 until recently and has used the lobby to gain access to my unsecured wireless network. Before this idiot man left my apartment with his so-called witness, he had to ask if I knew anything about this pornography accusation he was accused of. He was acting like an idiot. He, from what I believe now, saw the look on my face stating “what the hell are you doing in my apartment and you better state your business and get the hell out of my apartment before I call the office or the police on your ass” look. I was highly pissed off when I saw who the witness this gentleman idiot had asked to come to my apartment with him. Now I am not sure if I can trust this other tenant now but will talk to the manager about it before the office closes tomorrow afternoon.

It is going to be a late night for me but that is okay in my way of thinking. I have my shower around 1130 – 12 noon, and the day is all mine. All is goo. yawn and good night everyonel. I can belong…motr yjoihjyd yo,ottoe/

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