I Am Glad I Am Not in a Hurry Today!

a few minutes ago, at 1130 am, I had gotten a call from KH letting me know that she is on her way. She won’t be here until noon now! I am glad that I am not in a hurry today otherwise I would be mad at her again for being late. KH needs to be on time at 1130 am or I will start complaining to her workplace! I am getting fed up with her being late every Monday and Wednesday and I BELIEVE that her workplace has given her too many clients to deal with at one time during the week. I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL I LEAVE THIS SHOWER COMPANY AND GO TO ANOTHER ONE WHERE MY SHOWERS WILL BE EVERY DAY WHEREAS I ONLY GET THREE SHOWERS A WEEK LEAVING THE WEEKEND WITH NO SHOWER WHATSOEVER. THIS SHOWER COMPANY KH WORMS FOR STINKS AND I CANNOT WAIT TO LEAVE THEM FOR GOOD. Even KH will never be seen again. I am not happy with her anymore. If she bitches and complains about her having to come by 8 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I am calling her workplace as soon as she leaves and tell them immediately about her attitude and her always being late on Mondays and Wednesday, and having my shower in mid afternoon when I have other things planned or to do and time crunching stresses me out because I have to rush. I AM SO GLAD I DO NOT HAVE TO HURRY TODAY! I love KH a lot otherwise but she is annoying me lately. It is an every week affair these days. Well I gotta go for now because she will be here in a few minutes or so from her last client. It takes her a 1/2 hr to get from Milton to Janesville to my place – she takes the longest routes otherwise. She won’t even drive to Madison because her sister told her she will get lost getting to and from the hospital there and she does not even know she will because she has not driven there before at all. With her long way getting from Point A to Point B, I can believe her getting lost but not because her sister tells she would – she would on her very own. I think KH’s workplace needs to monitor her timee better. I do know that the nurse who comes to my home every two months for a short visit knows of KH’s record of being late getting from Point A to Point B – saw how unhappy the nurse got when KH arrive 20 minutes late after she got here and had already taken care of her business with me. I have a very good feeling – a bad one actually – that KH will be fired sooner than later yet because of her constant lateness getting to a client’s home to help with a shower. I do want another shower gal, too. I do not want KH anymore either. AARRGG/

More later. Gotta really go now, lol.

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