My Thoughts For the Night

Evening has arrived and so hasn’t the rain and high winds. It almost sounds like a river out there outside my window. It is so dark out now that the sun is gone for the night and it is evening, lol. I feel I have been real busy here … NOT! LOL. I have been online ALL day long, watching TV and doing my very best at catching up with TV and movie programs I have recorded. I still have two Harry Potter movies to watch, all the Star Trek movies to watch, and a few TV shows yet to watch. Right now, even though repeats by now, am watching an episode of Dominick Dunne Justice right now. The episode I am watching right now is “Strange Bedfellows – an 2009 episode. Is Dominick Dunne Justice still airing on TV these days anymore really? I do not think so anyway.

Author: ksmiley

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